We offer the highest quality international and domestic transport. We help our Clients in the organization of road transport. We provide optimal solutions related to the transport of goods.

We provide transport services in Poland and Europe, including the CIS countries. We guarantee service by experienced and qualified employees who act quickly and reliably and react instantly to all circumstances.

We are aware of the importance of relationships and communication in business, which is why we set great store by them. The quality of our service derives from that – our Clients are treated with special care. We take care of every, even the smallest element of the ordered service.

We approach each project individually, which ensures the best price for the Client as well as the security of entrusted transport. We have extensive experience in the organization of transport and we can confidently say that we are able to take on any challenge related to transport.

ADR cargo

Dangerous goods that pose a risk to people and the environment during transport. They require special conditions of carriage. Their production is most often associated with the industry. They are classified using special codes.

Refrigerated cargo

Cargo requiring a certain temperature during transport, e.g. food, medicines, plants. They are transported with specially equipped vehicles so that they do not lose their properties and quality.

Neutral cargo

That types of cargo does not require compliance with certain thermal conditions, safety and other requirements. They are not dangerous goods and are not oversize loads.

Out of gauge cargo

They exceed the size and weight of the permissible values specified in the traffic regulations. They require special means of transport, often with the use of modular trailers and appropriate equipment for loading transported goods.

Bulk cargoes

Unpacked goods are transported in bulk, in barrels, bags or containers. Their measure is defined in tons or cubic meters. Special vehicles adapted to the properties of a given material are used to transport this type of cargo.