Tractor units with trailers

Standard and mega trailers. Available trailer body types include tarpaulin/curtain, refrigerator, isotherm, koffer.

Length: 13,6m
Width: 2,45m
Height: 2,7m up to 3,1m
Capacity: up to 24t
Cubature: around 90m³

Trucks – „solos”

Available body types: tarpaulin/curtain, refrigerator, isotherm, koffer. Trucks can also be equipped with a self-loading lift.

Length: up to 8m
Width: 2,40m – 2,45m
Height: about 2,6m
Capacity: up to 8t
Cubature: up to 45M³ – 50m³

Sets of trucks + trailers

Vehicles with tarpaulin or curtain type bodies.

Length: 7,7m + 7,7m
Width: 2,45m
Height: 2,7m to 3m
Capacity: up to 24t
Cubature: about 120m

Commercial vehicles

Vehicles for transporting general cargo. We offer buses with a space for 8 or 10 Euro pallets with tarpaulin/curtain, refrigerated, koffer bodies. Vehicles can be equipped with self-loading lifts.

Length: 4,2m – 5m
Width: 2,2m
Height: 2,2m – 2,4m
Capacity: up to 1,2t
Cubature: about 20m

Truck tractors with specialist semi-trailers

Open trailers, which are adapted to transport out of gauge cargo. Depending on the type of goods, vehicles are selected that meet the criteria necessary for their safe transport.