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Transport as needed by Clients

Choice of solutions that reduce costs to a minimum

Domestic and international transport


Our business card is professionalism, reliability and business flexibility. The transport fleet and logistics facilities are available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – the client always has access to services offered on a full-time basis.

Thanks to long experience and implementation of new solutions, communication with the Client is smooth and the quality of our services sets high the quality for the competition.

We travel to any place in Europe with cargos of our customers. We make sure that the vehicle fleet used by us meets all safety standards. On the Client’s request, vehicles can be retrofitted with additional cargo securing devices or elevators.

In our operations we are flexible in trying to keep the best price for the Client.

Our strengths

Clear conditions for cooperation and minimum formalities
We know how important time is, that’s why we make life easier for our Clients. It bears fruit on either side.

We have solid and reliable subcontractors
This is one of the guarantees for our services. We entrust transport to reliable subcontractors.

We minimize transport costs
We limit costs to a minimum, and always provide the Client with information about all costs.

Full availability
We offer our help all the time and support the Client in a way convenient to them.

Punctuality and transport security
The high level of quality of our services results also from the process control at every stage of the service.

Offer flexibility
We adapt our offer to the individual business preferences of our Clients.

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